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Natural Healing Massage and Wellness is a cooperative for independent wellness practitioners to come together as a team to offer their services and learn from others. Click on our About the Practitioners page to see who is currently working with us. We encourage all clients to work with practitioners within our cooperative to explore our offerings and to see which practitioner best meets your needs.  The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see as each session should if you choose be filled with helpful information on an index card that is filled out during the session for you to take home so that you have a reference of techniques and to do's at home to reach your best you.  

Nanci Steger

Nanci Steger, LMT – Nanci is the Owner and Director of Natural Healing Massage and Wellness. She graduated from Phillips School of Massage and is a student of Visionary Craniosacral Therapy and Lowens systems. Nanci has built a very strong word-of-mouth practice as a business owner in Davis since 2007, and enjoys mentoring other massage therapists. She specializes in customized wellness massage and has developed numerous innovations on standard Swedish, Myofascial, Craniosacral, Lymphatic, Trager, Tre, Stretching and Cellulite techniques to name a few. Nanci has a background in physical therapy and a passion for working with injuries and trauma as well as fibromyalgia, ptsd, depression, lupus, MS, and other chronic pain and conditions. Nanci incorporates Essential Oils into her sessions as one of her many tools and the integrity of the ones she uses is that of up most qualify due to the fact anything that you inhale goes straight to the olfactory nerve in the brain, center of emotions in the body, this being a huge part in Healing in the body.  She offers an array of techniques to suit any client though her passion is trauma, being different for everyone, from a Veteran or First Responder to someone who is just feeling stuck in their life looking for the light. Nanci’s preferred sessions are a coaching of the body to find out what layers if any it is willing to let go and respect that process whether it be a combination of many including cranial or maybe the next only lymphatic, trusting true Healing happens with compassion, understanding and an open heart to bring clarity to the Mind, Body and Spirit as this is the deepest most profound work anyone can do in the field of helping others as like a car accident, injury, physical assault, exposure to toxins etc- creates a reaction between the mind and the body involving the autonomic (sympathetic and parasympathetic, fight or flight or freeze response when reacting to a life-threatening situation) nervous system, long after the trauma, deep within the brain the subconscious mind remembers.  Within the limbic system lies the memories associated with the event or injury, the smells, the sounds, the textures, the visuals, as all senses are stored to form a kind of emotional picture within the brain, so to give an idea of how the mind body and spirit are connected in short. 



Lane Therrell, FNP-BC, RN, HTP – Lane offers Healing Touch, Holistic Wellness Coaching, and Raindrop Technique. Her training as a family nurse practitioner and licensed registered nurse allows her work to complement individual clients’ medical needs. Lane is also a gifted intuitive, which allows her to bridge the gap between clinical health care and the needs of the human heart. Lane’s offerings are ideal for clients with recent injuries or surgeries, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, physical trauma, cancer, and chronic conditions with an emotional component. Her coaching sessions can be done over the phone or in person and are helpful for anyone who needs to implement a lifestyle change or navigate a life transition. Lane incorporates aromatherapy into each session at clients’ request.


Jean is a certified massage therapist, having completed her 500-hour program at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA, and continued her bodywork education with mentors in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy and Trager Psychophysical Integration and Movement Education. Her passion lies in helping people achieve their fullest potential, which she believes is to live in freedom and joy. Through bodywork and mindful movement, and life coaching, Jean helps you discover how easy, pleasant and joyful you can be in your body to translate that into how easy and joyful you can move through life. 
Jean utilizes deep, transformative, non-invasive bodywork techniques that allows the body and mind to unwind at the deepest level accessing the fullest expression of self. Her work is beneficial to a variety of all ages and throughout the spectrum of trauma.  She loves to support every individual at all levels, physical, mental and emotional.


Ronda Bruce

Genny offers Raindrop Technique as well as Nutrition consultations.  

Rebecca Lobo, PhD is a holistic problem solver and owner of Bespoke Revitalisation, a customized skin and hair care practice. She uses her background in biochemistry, nutrition and molecular biology, her passion for food, and her dedication to wellness to formulate personalized skin and hair care products for her clients using whole foods.

Anyone interested in embarking on a creativity journey to nurture both mind and body should begin by visiting her page: or by contacting her directly at




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