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Nanci's Wellness Program

               Nanci’s Wellness Program
             New Client 1st 1Hr Massage $59 
           Listed below are different programs offered 
• Massage $90Hr
 #1• 3Hrs of Massage $240 ($30 savings)
  15Min extra to use or gift 
 #2• 3Hrs of Massage/Body wraps $200 ($70 savings)
  15Min extra to use or gift
Created to show you how our body can heal itself   
from the inside out, Mind, Body and Spirit, this
amazing whole body experience brings massages 
and Body wraps (loose toxins/inches) down to
$67Hr for 6months then monthly drawings after 
choosing 3 a month to continue at that rate for 3months.

Details:   Two options to choose from to guide you into wellness, created to show you how your body can respond to shorter frequent sessions.  Looking for massages for relaxation or for something chronic, the way I work is that with an Osteopatic approach to listen as our body has many systems in the body, the Autonomic nervous system being the primary mechanism in control of the flight or flight response in the body that effects all of the organs in the body and how they respond to stress.  This being the main focus reducing stress in the body, I encourage clients to purchase the 3Hr pack and split them into 15-30 sessions or if 1.5 or more is your preference this is meant to be customized to each individual client.  The free 15Min that are givin with each package are yours to use/keep or gift 

#1.  For those looking for Massage/Cranial sessions to use the time as you choose.  For some maybe Hr long massages and another may prefer 15 or 30 min sessions at a time to address certain concerns (these sessions work best for those with chronic pain looking to get relief in shorter sessions consistancy which most of the time are fully clothed, woking accupressure, releasing fascia, strethicng, Cranial Sacral, working in the nervous system, the autonaumic system which is responsible for the fight or flight, putting breaks on the stress.

#2.  Created for complete Mind, Body, Spirit experience, although all sessions are geared toward one goal in mind, connecting and educating clients on how they can achieve their full purpose to be happy, healthy and pain free, this program goes a bit farther as working from the inside out.  When our body is mineral diffeicient (we all are as the soil these days are not of that great quality im sure we can all agree) it stores toxins in the body, over the years clients tell me , oh im good I eat healhty, yet they have very tight muscles and migraines, the body is not happy.  So when the fascia (surrounding all of our muscles to allow our fluids to move) is stuck the body cannot effectivally clean itself and this can heppen when the body is overly stressed/worked.  

When you create your cutomer account with a minimum of 100points each month you order until Dec 31st 2019 your will recieve 3Hr pack of Massage for $200 (over $70 savings).  With this your best interest is at hand with personal coaching, support, tools as you step into wellness, supplements (whole food) being number one then to move into massage and body wraps if you choose not to loose weight as muscle weighs more than fluff yet loose inches and get healty.  

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